In the distant future, colonists seeking a return to a simpler lifestyle set out to inhabit the “earth-like” planet called O-RFG.076. There, far from the strictures and the technological marvels of the oligarchical Novan Federation, the colonists built settlements that were idealized versions of Earth cities in the centuries before space exploration. They renamed the planet “Tranquility” and governed it from its capitol city of Adamantus as a confederation of commonwealths. They lived peacefully for nearly two centuries until Tranquility suffered a catastrophic environmental disaster, necessitating its forced evacuation.

Now, a small starcraft, long ago thought to have been lost while on a diplomatic mission, has inexplicably reappeared and is in orbit around Tranquility. As an agent of the Novan Federation, you have been ordered to board the vessel and investigate. What you find there is shocking and compels you to brave the poisonous miasma of the abandoned planet to unravel the mysteries of Adamantus.


  • A first person, classic adventure game featuring puzzles and exploration.
  • Developed using the Dagon engine, with high definition graphics.
  • Your choice of 360 degree panoramic or slide show point-and-click navigation.

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Adamantus is a project by RealmsForge and is not being developed by Senscape. For inquiries or press contact, please write them at