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Can’t pledge on Kickstarter? Late to the party? Don’t panic! You can still buy many of our popular rewards with PayPal. Tiers with physical items have the shipping costs included to anywhere in the world.

By purchasing the game from us, you will get keys for Steam, GOG and Desura.

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GUEST ($5): For your donation, you will be granted a BACKER BADGE in our forums. We will also feature your name on the ONLINE REGISTER OF GUESTS on the upcoming website.


Asylum Visitor Tier

LIMITED VISITOR ($15): Hurry! This is your chance to get inside Hanwell at the lowest price. You get a DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE COPY OF ASYLUM for PC, MAC, and LINUX. This special price is available for early backers only. Of course, you will be featured on the ONLINE REGISTER OF VISITORS and also get the backer badge.


Asylum Well-Informed Visitor Tier

WELL-INFORMED VISITOR ($30): You want to visit Hanwell with all the leaflets and brochures. Alright, you get the previous reward tier plus the DIGITAL RECORD BOOK including all sorts of gory details about the asylum, such as character profiles, backstory, and more. Also, the DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE SOUNDTRACK, so you can listen to moody music as you walk down the somber corridors.


Asylum Waiting Visitor TierWAITING VISITOR ($50): You’re a visitor and you’re well-informed, but what if you have to spend time in the Waiting Room? We’ve got you covered: you get the previous reward tier plus a full-color PRINTED RECORD BOOK in glossy glory, so you can sit and skim through its pages in the old-fashioned way. Also, a download of A TOUR OF HANWELL documentary with many extras: interviews with the team, making of, and more.


Asylum Special Visitor Tier

SPECIAL VISITOR ($75): Ohhh myyy, are we fancy. You want to navigate the decrepit and unhealthy halls of Hanwell in style. Fine, then it’s the previous reward tier plus the BOXED VERSION OF ASYLUM. Yes, the one we’re talking about on the Kickstarter project page, which includes the printed Record Book.



Asylum VIP Visitor Tier

VIP VISITOR ($100): Not content with being special, now you want to be an important, big bad visitor of the Hanwell Institute. Fine then: you get the previous reward tier plus a glorious DIGIPAK VERSION OF THE SOUNDTRACK, because you also love touching things, and we upgrade your badge to a VIP FORUM BADGE. We’ll also THANK YOU IN THE ENDING CREDITS of the game. Finally, you get EARLY ACCESS TO ALPHAS AND BETAS as they’re released. Yeah, we take the VIP thing very seriously…


Asylum Permanent Visitor Tier

PERMANENT VISITOR ($150): You really love the Hanwell Institute. In fact, you love it so much that you’re going to stay inside… forever! Become immortalized in Asylum: buy the previous reward tier plus your NAME ON THE IN-GAME REGISTER OF VISITORS. This document will be sitting very close to the entrance of Hanwell! But wait, there’s more! We’ll throw in a cool ASYLUM T-SHIRT to prove to your friends that you’ve been inside Hanwell.