Dagon is a game engine developed by Senscape especially tailored for adventure games and based on open technologies. Featuring a deceptively simple scripting language, blazing fast performance and high portability supporting Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and iOS devices, the project aims to become a reference of the genre. This is also the backbone of the upcoming Asylum horror adventure. Dagon is free to use and will be open sourced soon.

Technical Overview

The engine allows easy construction of node-based (so called “pseudo-3D”) games with a custom scripting language based on Lua, which is simple to learn and features a reduced set of instructions. The rotation in eachnode is panoramic (360 degrees) with added effects such simulating the breathing of the protagonist. Transitions between nodes are also sophisticated including head-bobbing, thus giving the impression that the character is actually walking in real 3D.

Key among the features of Dagon are high performance and portability, which means that games developed with the engine are expected to run smoothly even on lower-end systems. Windows, Mac OS X and major Linux distributions will be supported right out of the box, with iOS support in the short term. Support for building third person adventures is also planned.

The engine is completely based on open technologies, and therefore doesn’t require paying royalties or depends on prohibitive licenses or patents.

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